Founder &  Creative Director.


    Kathrin worked for over 15 years in
    several fashion companies &  department stores
    until she started fulfilling her own dream
    creating a concept store.

    It was time to do something with real meaning,
    real emotions & touching experiences
    in a soulful and unique way.

  • We are all searching for
    our own, personal  Expression.

    Our very own individual Style,
    to express our
    own Personality.

  • I love products that have a history & tell a story.


    They should be an inspiration & bring vitality to the soul,
    at the same time enable individual expression
    with a touch of
    avant garde.

  • All Senses.
    Electrifying. Wild. Intensive.
    Lively. Witty. New. Warm. Sparkling.
    Free. Straight. Strong.
    Charismatic. Involving. Thrilling.
    Motivating. Inspiring. Utterly.

  • Have a Detox tea with a glass of champagne!
    Feel yourself.